Business Park Bootcamp

We know how busy life can be and how it can be super challenging to find time for yourself and your own health and wellbeing. Working in an office all day, then returning home, often late, with commitments and daily life to contend with can make it really difficult to fit in time to go to the gym or go to a class – so all too often, these things get put on the back burner until you “have more time”, which inevitably is harder and harder to find!

Business Park Bootcamp

Martial X Fitness have solved this issue! We can bring the “you time” to you! We can come to your work during your lunch hour and either provide you with a one to one fitness / PT session or alternatively, if you work in a shared office space, or business park, we can put on Lunchtime Bootcamp Sessions for you and your colleagues.

This is a great way to do something positive and impactful in your lunch hour, as well as a fantastic opportunity to meet new people in your building! We can liaise with your Facilities Manager at your place of work to find a suitable location to set up – we will bring all the equipment, all you need to do is bring a bottle of water and yourselves. For more information, contact us and we can get you working out at work!

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Martial X Fitness is a portfolio of fully Qualified Personal Trainers in Surrey and South London, all of which are also World Champion and National Champion Kickboxers. We come together to provide fantastic Personal Training and Bootcamp sessions in Surrey and South London.

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